Intellectual Property & Business Litigation

Hyo-kyung Yoo Attorney at Law

Attorney at Law

  • 主要業務分野/ケース

    Civil Law (Guarantee Insurance, Bond Management)
    Corporate Law, Bankruptcy, Reorganization
    Administrative Law (Land Appropriation)
    Patent Law (IP Infringement Litigation)
  • 学歴及び経歴

    - Seoul National University (B.A., Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    - Researcher, Agency for Defense Development
    - Passed Higher Civil Service Examination for Public Administration
    - Judicial Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Korea
    - Member, Korean Patent Attorneys Association
    - Partner, NewAju
    - Legal Counsel, Gury City
    - Legal Counsel, Korea Expressway Corporation
    - Legal Counsel, Seoul Guarantee Insurance