Intellectual Property & Business Litigation

Ho-cheol Lee Patent Attorney & Attorney at Law

Patent Attorney & Attorney at Law

  • 主要業務分野/ケース

    - Civil/ Criminal Litigation
    - Corporate Law
    - Disputes Related to Real Estate and Financial Transactions
    - Labor Disputes
  • 学歴及び経歴

    - Korea University, College of Law (LL.B.)
    -Santa Clara University (Visiting Scholar)
    - Judicial Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Korea
    - Prosecutor, Northern Branch, Seoul District Prosecutors' Office
    - Prosecutor, Ulsan Branch, Pusan District Prosecutors’ office
    - Prosecutor, Legal Affairs Department, Ministry of Justice
    - Prosecutor, Seoul District Prosecutors’ Office
    - Prosecutor Exchange Program (PEP), Korean Institute of Criminology
    - Prosecutor, Suwon District Prosecutor’s office
    - Professor, Legal Research and Training Institute.
    - Senior Prosecutor, Gyeongju Branch, Daegu District Prosecutors’ Office
    - Senior Prosecutor, Cheongju District Prosecutors' Office
    - Senior Prosecutor, Ulsan District Prosecutors' Office
    - Senior Prosecutor, Incheon District Prosecutors' Office
    - Senior Prosecutor, Suwon District Prosecutors' Office
    - Head, Inspection Department I, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office
    - Chief Prosecutor, Chungju Branch, Cheongju District Prosecutors' Office
    - Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Bucheon Branch, Incheon District Prosecutors' Office
    - Researcher, Legal Research and Training Institute
    - Prosecutor, Seoul High Public Prosecutors’ Office
  • 著書及び論文

    - Study on Economic Crimes Investigation and its
    - Study on Public Attitude for the Rule of Law
    - Method of the Establishment of the Rule of Law