Intellectual Property & Business Litigation

Hyung-myung Park Patent Attorney & Attorney at Law

Patent Attorney & Attorney at Law

  • 主要業務分野/ケース

    - Civil/ Criminal Litigation
    - Administrative/ Tax Litigation
    - Corporate Law Consulting
    - Disputes related to Real Estate and Financial Transactions
  • 学歴及び経歴

    - Seoul National University, College of Law (LL.B.)
    - French National School for the Judiciary (ENM)
    - Judicial Research and Training Institute of the Supreme
    Court of Korea
    - Judge Advocate, Air Force, Republic of Korea
    - Judge, Southern Branch Court, Seoul District Court
    - Judge, Seoul Criminal District Court
    - Judge, Gyeongju Branch Court, Daegu District Court
    - Judge, Incheon District Court
    - Judge, Seoul High Court
    - Judicial Researcher, Supreme Court
    - Judge, Seoul District Court
    - Chief Judge, Wonju Branch Court, Chuncheon District Court
    - Presiding Judge, Suwon District Court
    - Presiding Judge, Seoul Central District Court
    - Presiding Judge, Seoul Southern District Court
    - Chief Judge, Anyang Branch Court, Suwon District Court
  • 著書及び論文

    - Review on the Civil Appeals(1985, Judicial Research and Training Institute)
    - Standard for Calculation of Tourism Promotion Fund based on the Tourism Promotion Act
    - Liability of a Supervisor over the Torts of a Minor