Mechanical Engineering, Automotive,
Aerospace & Transportation

Jong-ho Lee

Patent Attorney

  • Introduction

    Jong-ho LEE is a patent attorney in Mechanical Patent Team at AJU Kim Chang & Lee. He assists domestic and foreign clients with patent drafting, patent prosecution, patent search and analysis. His knowledge and experiences in mechanical engineering enable him to work with clients in a wide range of technologies including machinery, automobile, engineering, robot, imaging machinery.
  • Technical fields

    - Mechanical Engineering
    o Personal devices
    o General machinery
    o Precision machinery
    o Automobile
    o Air-conditioning machinery
    o Conveying machinery
    o Construction machinery
    o Prime mover machinery
    o Smartphone Technologies
    o Steel smelting

    - Software
    o BM patent
    o Electronic commerce
  • Areas of Practice

    - Prosecution of domestic and foreign patent applications
    - Patent trials
    - Counseling on IP prosecution, trials and litigation
  • Education & Career

    - Korea University (B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering)
    - Patent Attorney (2018)

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