Sang Mo Choi

Executive Managing Director

  • Introduction

    As the Executive Managing Director, Mr. Choi leads the business development team at AJU Kim Chang & Lee. He has more than 30 years of patent litigation and licensing experience including analysis of patent infringement, creation of claim chart, patent invalidation and development of IP strategies. His expertise lies in providing technical and legal advices in the fields of displays, medical devices and communications to the clients from the U.S.A, France, and Japan, especially for licensing and consulting on monetization. In addition, he gives lectures on IP strategies and monetization for midsize companies, and provides highly technical and legal advices that support transforming clients’ inventions to patents.
  • Technical fields

    - Battery
    - Display (OLED, LED, LCD)
    - Mobile & Telecommunication
    - Medical Equipment
  • Areas of Practice / Major Cases

    - Mar. '08∼Jul. '09 [Honeywell v. SDI/SMD] in Delaware (LCD)
    - Sep. '06∼Aug. '08 [Pioneer v. SDI] Northern District of California [SDI v. Pioneer] Texas Marshall (PDP TV)
    - Nov.'05∼Dec.'07 [SDI v. Panasonic] Pennsylvania and California
    - Mar.'03∼Jul.'05 [Quinetic v. SDI] Texas Marshall (LCD)
    - Feb.'03∼Jul.'03 [SDI v. Fujitsu] Central District of California (PDP TV)
    - Mar.'03∼Jul.'03 [Fujitsu v. SDI] District Court of Tokyo, Japan (PDP panel)
    - Nov.'97∼Oct. '98 [Hitachi v. SDI] Eastern District of Virginia (Color cathode ray tube)

    Jul.'11∼Jun.'12: LED ST Patent licensing (Toyoda Gosei)
    Jun.'12∼May'13: Dongbu LED patent licensing (Osram)
    May '13∼Jun.'15: LG Electronics NFC licensing (France Brevets)
    July'13∼Aug.'16: Samsung Electronics NFC licensing (France Brevets)

    - Feb. '11: Designated as Planning Committee member of Fused fundamental technology for 2011 by the department of Knowledge and Economics
    - Mar.'10: Seminar for IP Strategy and Licensing Strategy in Tokyo Japan
    - Nov.'04: Leader of IP Section in Display Consortium
    - Aug.'02: Registered as a Technology Transfer Agent with the Korea Technology Transfer Agent Association
    - Feb.'02∼present: Rendering about 20 Lectures regarding Licensing & Patent Litigation at the Korean Intellectual Property Office and other authorities.
    - Dec.'99: Designated IP Licensing Advisor of Seoul Venture Incubator
    - May '96: Leader of CRT IP Section in Display Consortium
  • Education & Career

    - August, '09 IP Graduate School in Yonsei University
    - February '83 Graduated B.S. in Electronics Engineering Kwang Woon University
    - March '17 ∼ present: AJU Kim Change & Lee/Executive Managing Director
    - July '09 ∼ March ‘17: Lee International Law & IP Group/Executive Managing Director
    - Sept. '08∼June '09: Samsung Mobile Display-Legal Team/General Manager
    - Oct. '88 ∼Sept. '08: Samsung SDI-Legal Team/General Manager
    - Aug. '83∼Oct. '88: Central International Law Firm/Manager
  • Qualifications & Awards

    - October, '11~present: Examiner of Technology Innovation (Knowledge & Economy Dept.)
    - March '10~present: Member of Planning Committee on Project Development
    (Mobile & Telecommunication, Display, Medical Equipment), Fostering New Growth Engines Initiative(Ministry of Knowledge & Economy )
    - May 19, '09: The Order of Industrial Service Merit at national ceremony on the National Invention Day (Best Expert in Encouraging Inventions)
    - Jun.'06: Registered as 6 Sigma Blackbelt
  • Books and Publications

    - December 23, '12: Study of Discovery Strategy in the US Patent Litigation
    - May 10, '02: Translated and published the book titled “Powerful Conversation” Author: Philips Harkins (McGraw-Hill companies)
    - February 5, '99: White Paper of US Patent Litigation(Detailed Report of EDVA litigation)
  • Contact