Eun-sub Jung Representative Patent Attorney & Attorney at Law

Representative Patent Attorney & Attorney at Law

  • Introduction

    Eun-Sub Jung, representative at Aju Kim Chang & Lee is the first Korean patent attorney to pass the national bar exam to become an attorney at law as well. He uses his expertise in general law to provide more in-depth and insightful services as patent lawyer in Korea. With his extensive knowledge and various experiences in IP prosecution for over 30 years, he became the first Korean IP professional who has expanded the practice area to IP litigation, not just handling IP prosecution, especially in the areas of trademark, copyright, unfair competition, trade secret, IP infringements, and arbitration and mediation for intellectual property disputes.

    He brings his knowledge and experience to represent his domestic/overseas clients not only in litigation before the President of the Intellectual Property Tribunal, the Patent Court and the Supreme Court, but also in civil or criminal lawsuits involving IP infringements, employee invention compensation, and other related civil or criminal cases. In addition, he serves numerous clients with arbitration and mediation for intellectual property disputes. Furthermore, he has long experience and high reputation in preparing, negotiating and advising on business contracts concerning IP strategy, license, franchise, and technology transfer of domestic/foreign companies.

  • Areas of Practice

    Patent and trademark litigation; Prosecution and licensing; Counseling on trade secret licensing and litigation; Practice before the Patent Court; Practice before the Supreme Court; Practice of patent license contract; Practice of the piracy of intellectual property
  • Major Cases

    - Trademark dispute litigation concerning “MENTHORATUM" between BORYUNG BIOPHARMA and the Mentholatum Co., Inc.
    - Nullification of registered trademark concerning ‘BUTTERFLY" between TAMASU COMPANY LTD. and ‘BUTTERFLY" of LEE Jong Won

    - Trademark dispute litigation concerning ‘NOVUS' between DAEWOO ELECTRONIC Corporation and DaimlerChrysler

    - Trademark dispute litigation concerning ‘MAX' between Hite Holdings Corporation and Kraft Foods Holdings Incorporated

    - Trademark dispute litigation regarding ‘Christian Chauveau' between Mbengue Lemou and BEAUTY PEOPLE HANUL. INDUSTRIAL. LTD.

    - Patent dispute litigation concerning CD encoding original technology among Philips Corporation & OASiS CO.,Ltd, Cheil Record, Doremi Media CO., LTD., etc.

    - Design dispute litigation between Christian Dior and YOU BYONG DON

    - Employee invention compensation claim suit concerning ‘semiautomatic slide cell phone’s’ technology against Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

    - Patent dispute litigation concerning 'PIPERIDINE DERIVATIVES‘ between KYUNG DONG PHARM. CO., LTD. and JANSSEN Korea Ltd.

    - Employee invention compensation claim suit relating to “itraconazole” against Dong-A Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

    - Design dispute litigation concerning ‘wallpaper design“ between D.I D CORPORATION and LOTTE WALLPAPER COMPANY LTD.

    - Patent dispute litigation concerning 'Oligomers Composition for lens“ between SHOWA DENKO GAS PRODUCTS CO., LTD. and DOOSAN co.,Ltd , Chang Woo Co., Ltd.

    - Design dispute litigation concerning ‘steam iron design’ between Philips Corporation and Koitech Corporation

    - Trademark dispute litigation concerning “SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY” before the Supreme Court of Korea
  • Education & Career

    - Gyeonggi High School
    - Seoul National University (B.A. in Commerce)
    - Korean Patent Attorney (admitted to Korean - Patent Bar) -21
    - SK Co., Ltd.
    - KLCB Co., Ltd.
    - Established Park &Jung Patent Law Firm
    - Korean Bar Examination -32
    - Representative of AJU International Law &Patent Group
    - Executive director of the Korean Patent Attorneys Association
    - Director of Korean Intellectual Property Society
    - Director of Korean AIPPI
    - Director of KIPLA (Korea Industrial Property Law Association)
    - Korea Bar Association
    - Legal Counsel of Korean Publisher’s Association
    - KPAA (Korean Patent Attorneys Association)
    - INTA (International Trademark Association)
    - APAA (Asian Patent Attorneys Association)
    - AIPLA (American Intellectual Property Law Association)
  • Books and Publications

    - New Industrial Laws in Korea, 1988
    - Introduction to Intellectual Property Protection in Korea, 1993
    - Introduction to the Patent Law
    - A study on the Unfair Competition Prevention Act and Protection of trade secret
    - A Study on the Patent Litigation of the Patent
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