Jin-seok Hur

Patent Attorney

  • Introduction

    Jin-Seok Huh is a patent attorney at AJU Kim Chang & Lee, who specializes in electronic fields. He focuses his practice on domestic and overseas patent application, trials and litigations concerning electron, integrated circuit implementation, MEMS technology, optical science, electric motor, electric connector, semiconductor manufacturing system, medical appliance, and BM. Previously, he has established and managed HUH Jin-Seok Intellectual Property Law Firm. He has served numerous clients including promising small companies, universities and research institutes as well as domestic large companies. With his thorough understanding and various experiences, he provides legal advice on overall areas of patent such as license, transfer of a right, designing around a patent, and so on.
  • Technical fields

    - Trials and litigations,
    - Consultation and analysis on intellectual property
    - Electrics
    - Physics
    - Semiconductor engineering
    - Material engineering
    - Integrated circuit implementation
    - MEMS technology
    - Optical set-up
    - Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
    - Medical devices
  • Areas of Practice / Major Cases

    - Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. vs. LG Electronics.: Patent Invalidation Lawsuit on ‘Electric Vacuum Cleaner’
    - Global Cyber Money Co., Ltd. vs. Galaxia Co., Ltd.: Patent Invalidation Lawsuit on ‘Real-time Management System Applied on Prepaid Card’
    - Philips Co. Ltd. vs. Oasis, Cheil Record, Doremi Media and etc.: Patent Lawsuit on CD Encoding Original Technology
    - Hanmi Semiconductor vs. Sunjin Semiconductor: Patent Lawsuit on ‘Semiconductor Module’
    - Daeyang D&T vs. STIT Co.: Patent Lawsuit on ‘Electric Card Reader Apparatus’
    - Intech Electronics. vs. Nihon Micronics Co.: Patent Invalidation on ‘Semiconductor Apparatus’
    - Expen Electronics. vs. EM Solutions : Patent Invalidation on ‘Electromagnetic Wave Shielding Gasket Manufacturing Method’
  • Education & Career

    - Seoul National University (B.Sc. in Physics)
    - KAIST (M.Sc. in Solid State Physics)
    - Member of Korean Patent Bar
    - Patent Attorney (Specialized in Semi-Conductor) of New Technology Foundation Support Group
    - Member of Advisory Committee in Business Incubator Center of Sun Moon University
    - Editor of “Knowledge and Right” published by Korean Patent Attorney Association
    - LEE Young-Pil Intellectual Property Law Firm
    - Wonjun Intellectual Property Law Firm
    - AJU Intellectual Property Law Firm
    - HUH Jin-Seok Intellectual Property Law Firm
    - AJU Kim Chang & Lee
  • Books and Publications

    - Litigation related to Naming the Internet Domain
  • Contact