Chemicals, Materials, Metallurgy, Biotechnology,
Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Kun Yang

Patent Attorney

  • Introduction

    Kun Yang is a patent attorney at AJU Kim Chang & Lee. He is responsible for filing patent applications, consulting, project, litigation, technology transfer and technology value evaluation in the fields of biomedical technologies and chemistry such as medicine, genes and stem cells etc.
  • Technical fields

    - Medical
    o compound
    o antibody
    o vaccine
    o enzyme
    o recombinant protein
    o immunology
    o gene therapy
    o cytotherapy
    o stem cells

    - Bio technology
    o molecular biology
    o microorganism
    o biomarker
    o gene recombination
    o transformation
    o gene editing
    o virus
    o sequencing
    o cell analysis
    o biosynthesis
    o bio-polymer
    o natural substance
    o extract

    - Food
    o material
    o preservative

    - Cosmetics
    o performance material

    - Daily supplies
    - livestock, agriculture, forestry, fishing industry
  • Areas of Practice / Major Cases

    - Patent infringement investigation and licensing strategy establishment for gene editing technology
    - Establishment of multiple IP R&D strategies (adeno-associated virus-related technology, etc.)
    - Patent trend search (immune adjuvant, bio convergence mateirals, etc.)
    - Patent infringement investigation (target substance/disease detection and diagnosis platform technology, Alzheimer's treatment, etc.)
    - Invalidity investigation (biomarker technology, immune checkpoint inhibitor, etc.)
    - Coordinating technology discovery for multiple medical centers
    - Establishment and support for university technology start-up strategy
    - Establishment and support of university technology transfer mediation strategy
    - Technology valuation, patent portfolio construction, patent map creation, etc.
  • Education & Career

    - Yonsei University – B.S. in Biotechnology
    - 2018 - 2019 Dooho Patent Firm(Lee Chae Patent Firm)
    - 2019 - 2021 Lee & Mock Patent Firm
    - 2022 - present AJU Kim Chang Lee

    - 2017 Patent Attorney
    - 2021 Corporate/Technology Appraiser
    - Hanam Startup Campus Transparency Program Committee member
    - Korea Small and Medium Business Development Association 2nd Angel Investment Committee Judge (evaluation) member
    - Intellectual property protection enhancement project technology protection expert
    - Korea Intellectual Property Protection Agency - Patent Dispute Risk Index
    - IP-MIX inquiry expert of Korea Intellectual Property Protection Agency
    - Korea Data Industry Promotion Agency Data Voucher Project Evaluation Committee
  • Contact