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Jong-woo Lee

Patent Attorney

  • Introduction

    Jong-woo Lee is a patent attorney in Chemicals/Materials/Bio & Pharmaceuticals Team at AJU Kim Chang & Lee. Jong-woo's practice involves prosecution, trials and litigation and technical consultancy on intellectual property rights, primarily relates to pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

    Jong-woo's career as a patent attorney started with the beginning of the Korea’s bio industry.
    Prior to joining AJU Kim Chang & Lee, Jong-woo was a founder and managing partner of Hyunmoon Patent & IP Law firm for 20 years.
  • Technical fields

    - Pharmaceutical / Immunology
    o Medical drug composition and formulation
    o Antibody and antibody engineering
    o Recombined protein for medical purpose
    o Vaccine and manufacturing process
    o Gene polymorphism vaccine
    o Gene therapy
    o Cell therapy

    - Bio / Life science
    o Recombinant enzyme and enzyme process
    o Transforming microorganisms/animals/plants and transgenic technologies
    o Gene editing
    o Virus/disease detection technology
    o Sequencing and genetic analysis technology
    o Fermentation technology
    o Industrial material bioprocess technology
    o Bio polymer
    o Microorganism

    - Health functional food
    - Cosmetics
    - Biomass energy
  • Areas of Practice

    - Prosecution
    - Trials and litigation
    - Technical consulting
  • Major Cases

    - Patent prosecution and infringement analysis of anti-inflammatory drug for “Osteoneurogen, Inc.”
    - Strategic counseling on IP R&D of long-acting anti-hemophilia drug for “Genexine, Inc.”
    - Constructing a patent portfolio of companion-diagnostics based, individualized drugs for “CJ Healthcare”
    - Developing patent strategy for a molecular diagnosis system based on next-generation real-time PCR for “Bioneer Corporatio”
    - Counseling on development and management of patent rights for government institutes and universities, including “National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service”, “National Institute of Animal Science”, “National Institute of Horticultural & Herbal Science”, “Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology”, “Kangwon National University”, “Konkuk University”, “Gyeongsang National University”, “Kyung Hee University”, “Dongguk University”, “Seoul National University”, “Yonsei University”, “Woosuk University”, “CHA University”.
  • Education & Career

    Seoul National University - B. Sc in Microbiology (Biological Science Dept.)
    KAIST - Master of Biological Science
    OCI Central Research Laboratory - Researcher
    1991: Registered as a patent attorney
    Representative of Hyunmoon Patent & IP Law Firm
    Patent Attorney at AJU Kim Chang & Lee
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