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Anna Kim US Patent Agent

US Patent Agent

  • Introduction

    Ms. Hye Sung (Anna) Kim grauduated from the Univeristy of Maryland, College Park in 2014 where she studied General Chemistry. She has two years of experience working as a pharmacy technician and has considerable knowledge in pharmaceuticals. After working at a US Intellectual Property Law Firm, Ms. Kim passed the US patent bar and became a registered US patent agent. She moved to Korea in 2017 and has been with AJU Kim Chang & Lee since 2019.
  • Technical fields

    - Material
    o Barrier film
    o Graphite sheet
    o Fiber enhanced material / forming

    - Polymer
    o PC
    o ABS, ASA
    o Polyolefin, Graphene

    - Pharmaceutical
    o Process
    o Pharmaceutical composition
    o Gene technology

    - Micro organism

    - Energy
    o Solar cell
    o Secondary battery (Positive/negative active material, separator, electrolyte)
    o Fuel cell
    o Biomass fuel
  • Areas of Practice

    - Advisory of foreign clients
    - Patent portfolio counseling
    - Technical consulting
  • Education & Career

    -Registered US Patent Agent
    -University of Maryland, College Park
    -Pharmacy Technician
    -Lee & Morse, P. C.
    -AJU Kim Chang & Lee
  • Contact