Chemicals, Materials, Metallurgy, Biotechnology,
Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Healthcare & Life Sciences

So-myoung Ryu

Patent Attorney

  • Introduction

    So-myoung Ryu is a patent attorney in Chemicals/Materials/Bio & Pharmaceuticals Team at AJU Kim Chang & Lee. She represents domestic and foreign clients in prosecution and litigation of Intellectual property rights, and advises on patent as well as technology matters with a focus in pharmaceutical, chemistry, biotechnology, energy and material science primarily related to semiconductor and display.

    So-myoung's specific areas of expertise also includes new and generic medicine for cancer, Alzheimer, AIDS and blood pressure, technology for efficient delivery of drugs (Drug Delivery System), as well as application of microorganism/bio technology for food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industry. In addition, her proficiency in the Japanese language enhances communication and understanding for patent cases from Japan.
  • Technical fields

    - Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology
    o Pharmaceutical composition
    o Drug delivery system
    o Micro biology
    o Manufacturing process
    o Microorganism

    - Agricultural technology
    o Fertilizer
    o Animal feed
    o Biomass

    - Energy
    o Solar cell
    o Secondary battery
    (Positive/negative active material, separator, electrolyte)
    o Fuel cell

    - Semiconductor and display
    o Adhesive
    o Composite sheet
    o Touch panel,
    o Flexible display
    o Polarizer
    o Film forming
    o ACF:Anisotropic Conductive Film
    o Semiconductor epoxy molding
    o CMP catalyst
    o Conductive gasket
    o Etching agent

    - Material
    o Barrier film
    o Graphite sheet
    o Fiber enhanced material / forming
    o TPE
    o Synthesized marble
    o Steel panel, bumper beam, INVAR alloy
    o Medical material
    o Pultrusion
    o Fiber / textile

    - Polymer
    o PC
    o ABS, ASA
    o Polyolefin, Graphene
    o EPS, CNT

    - Water treatment
    o Filtering
    o Membrane
    o Wastewater treatment
  • Areas of Practice

    - Advisory of foreign clients
    - Patent filing application and prosecution
    - Patent trial and litigation
    - Infringement analysis / product clearance
    - Patent portfolio counseling and development
    - Technical consulting
  • Major Cases

    - Technical consulting, patent prosecution and trials for
    - Patent trial and litigation representing Tosoh, Xyleco, Jaeil industry, lotte and etc.
    - Request of canceling patent representing SAMSUNG SDI
  • Education & Career

    - Seoul National University
    (B.Sc. in Agricultural Biology)
    - Seoul National University (M.Sc. in Applied Biology & Chemistry)
    - Member of Korean Patent Attorneys Association (KPAA)
    - LG Chem Research Park
    - Won International Patent & Law Firm
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