Chemicals, Materials, Metallurgy, Biotechnology,
Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Hae-in Kim

Partner, Patent Attorney

  • Introduction

    Hae-in Kim, a partner patent attorney in AJU Kim Chang & lee, is a manager of International Team. She manages communication with foreign clients about their case status, and also performs trials, legal actions, other works on disputes, and overseas patent & trademark applications for domestic companies.

    Hae-in represents domestic and foreign clients in patent & trademark applications, trials, and legal actions. Her technical experience primarily relates to material science, polymer , energy, electrical materials and biotechnology.

    Hae-in also carries out legal advices on Intellectual Property Rights in general, including patent, trademark, copyright and the Prevention of Unfair Competition Act.
  • Technical fields

    - Materials
    o Barrier film
    o Graphite sheet
    o Fiber enhanced material / forming
    o TPE
    o Synthesized marble
    o Steel panel, bumper beam, INVAR alloy
    o Medical material
    o Pultrusion
    o Fiber / textile
    o PC
    o ABS, ASA
    o Polyolefin, Graphene
    o Quantum dot
    o Nano particle
    o Stampable sheet

    - Pharmaceutical
    o Process
    o Pharmaceutical composition
    o Gene technology

    - Micro organism

    - Energy
    o Solar cell
    o Secondary battery
    (Positive/negative active material, separator, electrolyte)
    o Fuel cell
    o Biomass fuel

    - Semiconductor and display
    o Adhesive
    o Composite sheet
    o LED, BLU, OLED, LCD,
    o Touch panel
    o Flexible display
    o Polarizer
    o Film forming
    o ACF (Anisotropic Conductive Film)
    o Semiconductor epoxy molding
    o CMP catalyst
    o Conductive gasket
    o Etching agent
    o High-pressure container

    - Biotechnology
    o Food production
    o Enzymes
    o Computational biotechnology

    - Water treatment
    o Filtering
    o Membrane
    o Wastewater treatment

    - Surface treatment (coating, plating, adhesive)
    - Lubricant
  • Areas of Practice

    - Advisory of foreign clients
    - Filing application and prosecution of patent, trademark, copyright and domain
    - Patent and trademark trial and litigation
    - Infringement analysis / product clearance
    - Patent/trademark portfolio counseling
    - Technical consulting
    - Branding consulting
  • Major Cases

    - Patent invalidation suit of 'a method of manufacturing candy' between Lotte Co., Ltd. and ORION Co., Ltd.
    - An invalidation suit and an invalidation investigation related to light guide plate of Cheil lndustries
    - Patent and trademark dispute related to pharmaceutical for Boryung Pharm
    - Foreign application assignment and legal advice related to lactobacillus of Cell Biotech
    - Patent application/trial/litigation related to pharmaceutical and chemistry for foreign companies including Teva Pharmaceutical, Tosoh & etc.
    - Legal advice related to the trademark of Daemyung Holdings/Woori Bank/Hyundai Mobis/HDIT Co., Ltd.
    - Counsel of the trademark dispute related to 'CNP' for CNP Cosmetics
    - Counsel of trademark application and overseas dispute for Kumho Tire
    - Invalidation dispute and legal advice of the trademark ‘버터플라이’ for TAMASU, Japan
    - Patent trend analysis and designing around a patent of National support business, and many others
  • Education & Career

    - Seoul National University (B.Sc. in Textile Engineering)
    - Seoul National University (M.Sc. & Ph.D in Polymer Chemistry)
    - Boston University (Program in Biotechnology)
    - University of New Hampshire (Franklin Pierce Law Center) ( Intellectual Property law)
    - AJU Kim Chang & lee (from 1999 to the present)
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