Sang Mo Choi

Executive Managing Director

  • Technical fields

    Battery, Display, Mobile & Telecommunication, Medical Equipment
  • Areas of Practice / Major Cases

    - Mar. '08∼Jul. '09 [Honeywell v. SDI/SMD] in Delaware (LCD)
    - Sep. '06∼Aug. '08 [Pioneer v. SDI] Northern District of California [SDI v. Pioneer] Texas Marshall (PDP TV)
    - Nov.'05∼Dec.'07 [SDI v. Panasonic] Pennsylvania and California
    - Mar.'03∼Jul.'05 [Quinetic v. SDI] Texas Marshall (LCD)
    - Feb.'03∼Jul.'03 [SDI v. Fujitsu] Central District of California (PDP TV)
    - Mar.'03∼Jul.'03 [Fujitsu v. SDI] District Court of Tokyo, Japan (PDP panel)
    - Nov.'97∼Oct. '98 [Hitachi v. SDI] Eastern District of Virginia (Color cathode ray tube)

    Jul.'11∼Jun.'12: LED ST Patent licensing (Toyoda Gosei)
    Jun.'12∼May'13: Dongbu LED patent licensing (Osram)
    May '13∼Jun.'15: LG Electronics NFC licensing (France Brevets)
    July'13∼Aug.'16: Samsung Electronics NFC licensing (France Brevets)

    - Feb. '11: Designated as Planning Committee member of Fused fundamental technology for 2011 by the department of Knowledge and Economics
    - Mar.'10: Seminar for IP Strategy and Licensing Strategy in Tokyo Japan
    - Nov.'04: Leader of IP Section in Display Consortium
    - Aug.'02: Registered as a Technology Transfer Agent with the Korea Technology Transfer Agent Association
    - Feb.'02∼present: Rendering about 20 Lectures regarding Licensing & Patent Litigation at the Korean Intellectual Property Office and other authorities.
    - Dec.'99: Designated IP Licensing Advisor of Seoul Venture Incubator
    - May '96: Leader of CRT IP Section in Display Consortium
  • Education & Career

    - August, '09 IP Graduate School in Yonsei University
    - February '83 Graduated B.S. in Electronics Engineering Kwang Woon University
    - March '17 ∼ present: AJU Kim Change & Lee/Executive Managing Director
    - July '09 ∼ March ‘17: Lee International Law & IP Group/Executive Managing Director
    - Sept. '08∼June '09: Samsung Mobile Display-Legal Team/General Manager
    - Oct. '88 ∼Sept. '08: Samsung SDI-Legal Team/General Manager
    - Aug. '83∼Oct. '88: Central International Law Firm/Manager
  • Qualifications & Awards

    - October, '11~present: Examiner of Technology Innovation (Knowledge & Economy Dept.)
    - March '10~present: Member of Planning Committee on Project Development
    (Mobile & Telecommunication, Display, Medical Equipment), Fostering New Growth Engines Initiative(Ministry of Knowledge & Economy )
    - May 19, '09: The Order of Industrial Service Merit at national ceremony on the National Invention Day (Best Expert in Encouraging Inventions)
    - Jun.'06: Registered as 6 Sigma Blackbelt
  • Books and Publications

    - December 23, '12: Study of Discovery Strategy in the US Patent Litigation
    - May 10, '02: Translated and published the book titled “Powerful Conversation” Author: Philips Harkins (McGraw-Hill companies)
    - February 5, '99: White Paper of US Patent Litigation(Detailed Report of EDVA litigation)
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